Planning a Party 

[Flamingos] [Pineapple] [Invitation] [Activity] Hey y’all! During the summer, the weather is nice and there seems to be more activities. Parties seem to occur more. I love having a party with my friends and think that I have some great tips for how to plan the perfect party!  1. Pick the theme [There are multiple ways to go … More Planning a Party 

Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Like for Mother’s Day I will be doing the same post. I always feel like there is a lot of celebration for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day seems to be forgotten. Looking at Instagram, there are way more posts on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. I think it should all be equal … More Father’s Day

Happy Mothers Day 

Hey y’all! Since Mother’s Day is approaching [tomorrow!], I thought I would do a mothers appreciation post. My mom is such a big part of my life. She started out working at my elementary school, then she didn’t work but stayed at home. She made sure during that time to always have everything great for … More Happy Mothers Day