4th of July Nails

Hey y’all! So I thought that I would do an extra post just for the 4th of July! I really like how my nails turned out! They aren’t perfect but I think they still look really cute!

To begin, you need to prepare your nails. I like to trim my nails first. Then if you would like you could file your nails.

Finally I like to moisturizer my hands so that my manicure had a nice base and my hands don’t look dry!

After the prep, I can start on painting my nails! I always use a base coat. I really like this one because it goes on really smooth. Side note, don’t put on too much because it will bubble!!

Once the base coat is on, I put on my base colors. I did red on all of my fingers except the ring finger. This nail polish is really good! I found it at Costco but I know that Essie has some great reds and navy blues. I would pick a red that suits you the most. The one I used is an orange red and is great for some one who is younger or who wants a lighter red look {if that is possible!}.

Finally it is time for the design! First tip is to let your base colors dry completely! I would even suggest going and doing something like watching tv, run a quick errand, or something simple like that and then coming back! Next top is to practice first! You can always use a plastic bag to paint on the nail polish and see how it looks! Now getting into the designs, I did two red fingers with stripes. I did my pinky and pointer. I think any of the red nails would work. On the navy blue finger, I did “sprinkle” like dots. I used the brush, dotted it on, and then pulled the push a little to do little dashes. I then sprinkled in {get the joke, it looks like sprinkles! Haha!} a few dots to balance it all out!

And you are finished! I hope y’all have a great Fourth of July!!
Have a weekend y’all and happy 4th of July!


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