Summer Lovin’

Hey y’all. Last week I shared my summer ambitions{link post} and so today I thought I would share things that I love in summer.

  1. Windows open
  2. Bright colors
  3. Pool days
  4. Relaxing during the morning
  5. Later nights
  6. Fresh fruit


Windows open {whether that be the car windows or the house windows, I love the fresh air blowing in and the sun rays pouring in}

Bright Colors {the summer calls for bright colors. I love being able to wear everything pink. I love wearing a neutral outfit with a pop of color in shoes or accessories}

Pool days {I love a good pool day. I love just soaking up the sun [with sunscreen on], reading a book and then popping into the pool when I get hot}

Relaxing in the morning {during the summer I love just being able to wake up and do nothing. I like to either watch tv or YouTube. It’s also nice making a nice breakfast and really having a slower paced morning}

Later nights {on the contrary, I love having later nights. I love being able to go outside at 8:30 with the breeze blowing and the sun setting. It is something so special!}

Fresh fruit {last but for sure not least is fresh fruit. I love all of the bright color melons. Sweet, juicy watermelon by the pool on a hot sunny day is just so refreshing to me!}
Have a great day!


*Pic links are herehere,here,here, and here.*


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