Watching Summer

Hey y’all! I am back at it with another lifestyle post.  During summer, I have more free time to indulge in some of my favorite past times. One of these is TVThese are my top five favorite shows that I like to watch during the summer {some are summer specific, others are just in general}.

My first one is Big Brother. This is one of my favorite shows. The fact that it comes on three times a week is an amazing plus{Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday}! I think that it is so hilarious. It for sure has me sitting on the edge of my seat as I start pulling for two or three of the contestants. If you have never watched it, you must make that your next must watch priority! As I am posting this, we are about four weeks in so its not too late to intervene on all of the fun.

My next favorite show is The Bachelorette. It is so great to watch. I love guessing who the bachelorette is going to pick. This season the bachelorette is JoJo. I am currently pulling for Luke. I liked Jordan in the beginning but I feel like there may be something to him that he is not telling us. If you have no idea what I’m talking about and feel completely lost, you can try to catch up on the app or if you have on demand, you can probably catch up there too! This show comes out once a week on Mondays. In my opinion it should come out more times but that would also mean that the time watching the boys would go way faster! If you do miss this, I would for sure watch Bachelor in Paradise which is a slight different concept but you will find some of the same people!

My third favorite show is something I don’t know you can call a show. It is Wimbledon! This will be my second summer watching {it occurs every summer}. I didn’t watch the first week. I plan on watching the semifinals and finals! I don’t play tennis, however I do find it very entertaining. I root for the classics, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Murray,and  Roger Federer. I think chosing your matches helps to not make it overwhelming and makes it way less time consuming! If you miss this year of Wimbledon, there is always next year. You can always watch tennis during this years Olympics!

My fourth favorite show is Fixer Upper which will come on later during summer. It hasn’t come on yet that I know of but should come out no later than the beginning of August {just shy of squeezing it in!}. I love this show regardless of the season. I think the Gaines are one of the cutest families. I also really like their styles and concept of the entire show. It is very relaxing to watch with no stress like the previous shows I listed! I am not sure when it comes on{usually Tuesdays so it should be the same when it does come out} but I do know it comes on once a week. I would for sure be on the look out for it to come out!

My final show is Million Dollar Listing: New York. I love this show. I am a stickler for anything real estate. It also helps that you can look at all of the nice high end finishes, views, and attractions during the show that I dream of! This show comes on once a week; Thursdays! My mom and I will usually watch it the following night together which is always fun! We love talking about the crazy personalities and admiring the spaces they are trying to sell! I think the New York one has ended in which case, San Francisco will be coming on soon. That is another good one. It has the same concept, just different location and people running the show.


Hope y’all have a great weekend! See you back here on Tuesday.




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