All about pearls

Hey y’all! I am back with another post. Today is as the title says, all about pearls. Y’all maybe wondering why I’m doing a post about pearls, the answer is because they are such a simple yet bold statement! I don’t think the size matters its just the fact that you are wearing them. The only way that I wear pearls is in my ears with earrings{how else? haha}. I love the idea of a statement pearl necklace though. I think that it would look so classy and make any outfit that much more special{Audrey Hepburn like, amirite?}! I could pair together a simple outfit of a t-shirt and jeans and feel really put together and ready to conquer the world. I could also be wearing an elegant dress with pearls a feel like my outfit is taken to another level due to the pearls.


Have a great day y’all!




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