School Supplies


Hey y’all! Today is all of my school supplies and what I like to use. I try to make my book bag the lightest it can be but still having great organization and effectiveness. You will see that I do not have any binders. I think that binders are really effective but end up taking up so much space. Using folders for handouts and any extra practice and then notebooks for notes helps to save space and in the end, usually makes your bag lighter.




I love my Lilly agenda. This is my first year with one and have already fallen in love! Regardless of what kind of agenda, I think one is very vital. Last year I wrote my to do list on my phone. For me it just did not cut it and I couldn’t fully plan out my list. Next is my phone which I think is a necessary school supply. I love getting apps to help me study {be on the look out for a post talking about my favorite apps in the next few weeks}.


{pens}{pencils}{makeup bag similar}

I love these pencils. They are my absolute favorite. They will last you the entire year. I feel like I write better but that could all be in my head! These pens are also fantastic. They don’t bleed through unless you are just consistently pressing down hard. I am going to get some of the black pens so that I can have some basic ones when I need to write in pen for a class. This pencil case is an old makeup bag. I find that small little makeup bags like this one is the best. You can almost always find a cute one and they are really slim and compact while still having great room.


{sticky notes}{index cards}

I use sticky notes for quick little notes. I can stick them into my folders or notebooks depending where I need the reminder. I love the index cards for flash cards. They are great for when I have tests.


{notebook} {folder}

Like I mentioned I love using notebooks and folders. I am going to use washi tape to label the folders and notebooks for the different classes.


Have a great day y’all!



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