Appy Days



Hey y’all! Today I am talking about all of my apps on my phone! I love to be very organized and particular apps to keep my life running smooth and my days appy! Since it is school time I am also going to talk about some helpful apps that will get you through the school year. A side note, these are not all of my apps I just showed you my favorites, I’m just saying this so you do know that I am not crazy for not having Instagram or some of the other apps.IMG_2174

My front page has all apps and no folders. I do color coordinate apps {I know I am weird for this!}. My favorite apps on this page are Pomelo and College Prepster. Pomelo is a photo editing app. I love this app. It has the best filters and the other editing tools are very useful {I blur my blog photos with one of the tools!}. The College Prepster is my other favorite. She is one of my favorite blogger and the app makes it really easy to read her blog!


Ok so on my second page it mainly has folders. The first folder is education. I keep all of my apps that I use for school or that deal with something you associate with school {my nook app is just used for personal reading but reading is usually educational so it found its way in here!}. Some of the best apps are SAT practice, Quizlet, Geometry, and Algebra 2. The SAT practice, Geometry, and Alegebra 2 are all helpful for SAT and ACT. Also the app makers of Geometry and Algebra 2 have a variety of apps. Depending on what you are taking you may be able to find your subject. It has many practice tests and problems of the days that would be helpful for an actual school subject. Quizlet is just plain out helpful. You can create your own flashcards or you can find flash cards that are already made for almost any subject.


This is another one of my folders. One of my favorite apps is Over. This allows me to put different style of fonts over my pictures and has many different creative kinds.



Ok so my blog folder is what I think to be a hack. I always read my blogs on my phone. I created this folder for all of my blogs. I simply saved the blog to my homepage and then created a folder. It allows for very easy access and allows me to see all of my top blogs that I read on the daily.


Finally the last folder I have is my Extra Extra. My favorite app on this page is SWORKIT. It has great exercises that I try to do every week. The app also allows you to customize your workouts. I love that I can pick and choose whether I want to work on cardio and arm strength, legs, ect.


Have a great day y’all!




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