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Hey y’all! Today is all about books. I am very particular about books. This summer, I started to fall back in love with books. For a while I was in a rut with what to read. I have put together a list of books that I want to read. I will do an update later on {probably every three months just to check in with my reading!} after I have read the books if I liked them or not. This list is small but with a busy schedule it will keep me very occupied in my free time!

  1. Harry Potter series {Ok so y’all maybe saying, “What you haven’t read the Harry Potter series yet?” The answer is no. I have started the first book many times at various ages. I think I was ruined because my mom and sister both read the books. I would then watch the movies with them because I was too young to be reading the book series {its a long book series for a third or fourth grader!} I have trouble reading a book after I watch the movie. It was been a while so I think I am ready to give it a try and see how it goes!}
  2. Sophie Kinsella books {This is very vague. I know. I for sure what to read the shopaholic series but I also want to read some of her other books. I have watched the shopaholic movie but I think I can get through that one book to read all of the others in the series! Again I will report back to you to see if I can actually get through them. Also I am pretty sure that she has other books out so I do want to read some of those!}
  3. The Swans of Fifth Avenue {Currently while writing this I forget the main plot line{I need to look it up!} but I do know that it has to do with fashion and New York City, two things that I love. …I looked up the book’s summary! Its about two women and there high class, reigning life in New York. There is a lot of drama and secrets spilled, what not to love, right?}
  4. Modern Lovers {This book sounds like a suspenseful read full of mystery and laughs! In the summary it says that a band from high school is all grown up now. There kids are beginning to talk to each other and like each other. The secrets of the high school band start to come out and the plot begins.}
  5.  The Austen Project series {All of the books sound so good. I really enjoy all of the story lines of Jane Austen. I am really excited to read Eligible.  The book is a modern day story of Pride and Prejudice which is one of my favorite story lines {this may sound  but because of the old language it is harder to read so stories based off of it are much more preferable and even more relatable.} This one sounds really good so I can’t wait to read this!}



Have a great day y’all!


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