Summer Ambitions {Accomplished or Not?}


Hey y’all! This is my last blog post before fall officially starts. I thought to close all the lose ends with summer, I would give y’all an update about my summer ambitions. In the post {linked here} I created a list of eight things that I wanted to accomplish. Below is the whole low down of my summer ambitions list! Side note, these colors are not vibing due to the fact that I am so ready into the fall state of mind but they fit with the summer post so it had to happen!


First up on the list was going to the pool! I managed to go to the pool quite a lot. When I went I would always bring a book! This ambition was a for sure win!


Second was eat a bowl of ice cream during golden hour. While I did eat a bowl of ice cream, many times in fact, I never actually ate during a true golden hour. Even though I did not have the aesthetics, I am still very satisfied!

Third was walk my dog Jake. I said a few times a week which so did not happen. However I was able to walk him some and we had some great quality time!

Fourth was paddle boarding on the lake. I did go and had one of the best times ever! I think it is so relaxing and serene.


Fifth was read two books. I read so many books. I am truly surprised about the amount that I read. I can’t even necessarily remember the amount of books that I did read. I do however remember some. My favorites include The Ramblers and All Summer Long.

The final thing that I accomplished was hanging out with friends. I was able to hang out with my friends a few times this summer and overall had a great time {which so doesn’t come as a surprise!}

The last two things on my list were to do a random act of kindness and go to open houses. I kind of chickened out of both. I was going to pay for someones Starbucks but got nervous and then I just never really looked into going to any open houses.

So to sum up my summer, I had a great time! I am ready for what fall brings. My next blog post will be on all of my new fall ambitions. I can’t wait to share them with y’all!


Have a good day y’all!


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