Fall Ambitions {2016}





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Hey y’all! Its time for my second edition of seasonal aspirations. Fall is probably my favorite season! I love making all of the fall puns, the fun festivities, and the warmth{dressing warm, warm colors, and warm fires}. One quick side note is that I did not list apple picking. Since I already went this year, I wanted to include more activities that I can truly accomplish during the fall seasons.


Make Apple Turnovers{With the apples that my  family picked, I can’t wait to make apple turnovers! Its such a great dessert. Its like have a personal pie all to yourself!}

Get Stuffed on Thanksgiving{Y’all, Thanksgiving is such a quintessential fall holiday. I love being surrounded by family and making the food. I can’t wait for all of the fall food and to give my thanks!}


Carve a pumpkin{Again this is another fall essential! My family and I usually do this every year. I’m hoping to either carve or paint a pumpkin. I’m not sure how I would paint or carve the pumpkin to look like. Last year I carved a vineyard vines whale!}

Going on a hike with the fall leaves{I have one all time favorite hike. I am really hoping to go this year when the leaves are in full vibrancy and the air is nice and cool! Even if I can’t go to my favorite hike, a hike anywhere is such a fun activity to do. Also, the outfits are so cute with leggings and a Patagonia! #allaboutaesthetics}


Get a pumpkin spice latte/try a new coffee shop{To be honest I have already had many PSLs by this point but I still need more! Also I think there are some cool coffee shops that would be fun to try than just going to Starbucks[Starbucks and I are still going strong though!].}

Going to a football game{So if I’m going to be honest, I am not the biggest sports fan but if I am at the actual game, I am all for it! I will for sure go to one of my high school football games but really want to go to a college football game if at all possible!}


Wear White Pants{Ok so this one is for sure having me venture out of my comfort zone. I love following the rules but I also like the break them once in a while. I will for sure be doing a blog post on the blog with fall outfits wearing white pants but the real test will be if I wear them to school!}


I hope you enjoyed this post and are as excited for fall as I am!


Have a great day y’all!




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