Falling for Fall

During the summer I did a summer loves. This time it’s all about my fall loves. Let me know your favorite fall things below or if you agree! 

1. Oxford red and pumpkin orange {when I wrote this line, I thought about piko shirts. I have the Oxford blood one and love it. They pair great with jeans and the color is always a great fall feel!}

2. Butternut squash{so this one is something you may not think of. During the fall I love roasting vegetables. Butternut squash is so good and something I love to eat every chance I get.}

3. Riding boots{ riding boots are an absolute essential. I love wearing mine with any outfit. They become my go to show, so much so I bet people are like there’s Siena wearing her riding boots yet again!}

4. Crinkling leaves {ok first off I love the word crinkling. Don’t ask why because all I can think of are the Christmas crinkle cookies for the reason why I love that word. Second off the reason why I love these leaves is because it’s the one true epitome of fall. If you live in a state without changing leaves that crinkle I must advise you to make a trip immediately to go to a fall leaf changing state.}   

5. Everything pumpkin {this really needs no explaining except that it is the absolute essential. There you go that’s all I’m done with this one and we are moving on}

6. Start of earlier nights {many people hate that it gets dark earlier in the fall. To be completely honest, I love it. I have to be inside doing homework anyways so why have a bright night to waste away when you can have the dark, makes you want to cozy in, night? I love how the dark makes me just want a warm cup of hot chocolate and a nice fall tv show!}

7. Halloween and fall movies {I love hallmark movies<I might have mentioned this in the past> and they come out with some great ones during the fall time. Also what is Halloween without the Halloween town movies? Those ones are my favorite but hocus pocus is another great option!}

8. Vests and sweaters {I love wearing sweaters and vests. It’s like dressing fancy while being absolutely comfortable! I love walking out of the house with a sweater and you guessed it riding boots. Such a great outfit that is put together can potentially dressed up while feeling like your in a blanket!}

9. Apples{lastly is apples. This also like the pumpkin one but I will say a few more things. One reason I love apples is because you can go a healthy route of dipping in peanut butter. There is also the side edging on unhealthy with dipping apples in Carmel. I think it makes such a great dessert and but still makes you feel healthy <it’s all about fooling yourself, amirite>}

I hope y’all have a great day!

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