Let the Holiday’s Commence

Hey y’all. The only major thing standing in between us and Christmas is time. Today I wanted to share my top five favorite things about this season. 

  1. Merry music {I love all of the music that is played during this year. I’ll be sharing my favorite songs next week so I’m not going to go into much detail. However, I do absolutely love the whole feeling when you walk in somewhere and they are playing a holiday song.}
  2. Wrapping gifts {I have a fascination of wrapping gifts. I feel like it is my creative outlet. I love to sit down with some holiday music and wrap all the gifts. I think there is something rewarding about having a really pretty outcome. Also a side note, if you have a small budget, wrapping a gift really well makes anything look really impressive!}
  3. Baking Cookies {I absolutely love baking. I love the smell that comes from the oven and the entire process of measuring, mixing, and eating. Also I love making sugar cookies. They are another great creative outlet when decorating them.}
  4.  Family and Friends {During the holiday season, it always seems like you see your friends and family more. There are more get together and gift exchanges to see all of your friends and family.}
  5. Snow Decorations {I live in a place without much snow. It usually only snows once or twice. This has lessened due to climate change. The decorations totally give the feeling. I love the look and the warm cozy feeling that I get [it sounds like a contradiction but it’s a warmth of happiness and joy feeling!]}

Have a great day y’all! 

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