Fall Ambitions

Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday! There is a little under two weeks until Christmas! Today I am updating y’all with my fall ambitions. 

I accomplished everything on my list which was very exciting. 

1. I had a psl and tried a new coffee place. 

2. Instead of carving pumpkins, I painted pumpkins. 

3. I did wear white pants a few times. I again plan on wearing them and may shoot another outfit for the blog. 

4. I made apple turnovers and went apple picking. Both were really fun and quite yummy activities. 

5. I got so stuffed on thanksgiving. It was a great Thanksgiving this year, one of my best yet. 

6. I don’t have a picture but I did go to a few football games this year which were also really fun!

So all in all Fall was a success! I am not going to do winter ambitions. I couldn’t really come up with any so I decided to skip out this season. I may bring them back in the spring but if not, I will continue to do some seasonal posts. 
Have a great day!

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