Christmas Eve Tradition 

Hey guys! Before I jump into this post I just wanted to give y’all some of my thoughts. It’s my last post before Christmas and until the new year. I’m on break so I am going to get really far ahead for my posts and hopefully step up my game! Somethings that I want to implement more into my blog are just casual outfit pictures. I think they are by far my favorite posts so I am going to try really had to post more. I also think I want to include more snapshot posts of my life of what I have been up to. I love taking pictures way more than putting together a collage and talking about it {as for what I figured out in my six months of blogging!}  Okay now we are ready!

On Christmas Eve, everything starts with getting everything prepped and ready. It is always a tradition to make pierogis. This will either occur on Christmas Eve or Christmas Eve Eve. I don’t have a picture of this due to us not making them yet but trust me when I say I love this traditions. We then all hang out usually not doing anything too special. It’s more like we are all sneaking cookies when no one is looking. As the evening comes upon us, we start cooking our feast as a family. Once it is ready we all sit down and gorge ourselves. Then my sister and I usually get ready for bed and get into our pjs. Afterwards, go downstairs and get one present from our parents. Once it is opened and is truly feeling Christmasy, my sister and I will read aloud The Night Before Christmas. When “the end” is read, I get up, set out milk and cookies, and wish Santa Claus a very merry Christmas! I go upstairs finally and get ready to go to bed. I read my book {currently Harry Potter} and watch my Vlogmases until I’m drifting off and dreaming of sugar plum fairies!

I hope all of y’all have a very special holiday whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah,  Kwanzaa, or any other celebration!

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