Happy New Years! 

Hey y’all! I hope everyone’s holiday season was great. With the new year here, new year resolutions are in store. These are always notorious for being broken or highly debated on the creation of them. I love making resolutions and trying to keep up with them. Last year I typed them in my notes on my phone. It worked because I would just scroll through my notes and see them. I would get curious, click on the note, and be reminded of what I wanted to accomplish through out the year. I will being doing that again. I have made five main New Years resolutions. 1. Be more confident{last year I became more confident. I always have self doubt like I feel anyone has. This year I want to continue to grow my confidence.}

2. Have more appreciation {I have always tried to be appreciative of what I have. I do usually compare myself to other people which turns into jealousy and being very ungrateful. I think it is so ridiculous because I feel so fortunate to have what I have [material and non-material]. This year I really what to improve on stop comparing to other people and really show my appreciation.}

3. Exercise{this is such a common one. It is so cliche but I want to make it as un-cliche as I can. This past fall, I really began to exercise. I however was mainly doing strength building. This year I want to try incorporating more cardio. I think something more attainable is trying to run at least once if not twice a week}

4. Stop procrastinating{I am in between a procrastinator and someone who will get on it. I somewhat will procrastinate so that I will feel some pressure to bust out some good work. This year I want to stop procrastinating. What happens is that I cannot also add in the extras that also need to get done but are not as important. I’m hoping to try to work ahead and make time for everything}

5. Finally I want to slow down my life{my life is really beginning to pick up. I am beginning to think more and more about the future which induces a lot of stress. This year I want to slow down. I love social media and am probably addicted to it. I went years with out Instagram or any social media. I had Pinterest and Snapchat. I have become more and more involved with it. I am also a total YouTube addict. While I was on my winter break, I took a step away from YouTube and didn’t go on my phone as much. I read books and simply slowed my life down. This overall gave me less stress. I’m hoping to move this into 2017}
I hope y’all have an amazing 2017. I know for sure 2016 was my best year yet personally. I hope it will only get better. If y’all didn’t have a great 2016 like I did, just know that 2017 can be the new beginning that you need. If 2016 was your best year yet, it doesn’t have to end. It’s only another day where you continue to have the best time yet. It doesn’t matter how you look at it. It really just matters that you grab life by its hand and live it how you want to live it! 
Happy New year

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