2016 Favorites

Happy Thursday. Today is everything that I have loved in 2016. I am pretty sure these things will continue to be my favorites and my love will grow stronger! 

1. Kate spade{ this past year I have fallen head over heels for Kate spade. While this brand is a designer brand I feel like it is way more affordable than Channel or other designer handbags. I love all of the hand bags [I do not have one yet due to me not needing one but a girl can look!] and I also love their accessories and clothes. If I were to chose one brand it would for sure be Kate Spade!}

2. Patagonia {another brand that I love. Something that really draws me to this brand is that it’s while goal is to be environmentally friendly. They are always promoting something for the environment or using materials that have lower impacts on the environment. Because I am very into helping the environment, I absolutely love supporting Patagonia!}

3. My dog Jake {this is a personal fave. A dog just makes the home a happier place. I love Jake because as he gets older, I grow more appreciation for him. It may be silly to go on about how much I love my dog but with my sister off to college, he is like another little person in my life who I get to hang around all the time!}

4. Lilly agenda{I have never had an agenda until this year. It had organized my life and I feel like I became more productive with it. I like to be very organized so seeing the weekly spread really helped me to prioritize. I feel like it helps to relieve stress and if I don’t accomplish one thing, I know I can plan around it to make sure it gets done.}

5. Kendra Scott necklace {I got one last year and started wearing it daily. I think it looks great with every outfit. Even if you are wearing a t shirt and leggings, it kinda just adds something to your outfit making it look like you tried. If I’m not wearing mine I always feel like I’m forgetting something!}

6. Zoe sugg {Zoe has been a YouTuber that I have watched for ages. I love how real she is. She tries to be open and encouraging of all of her viewers. When I watch her I feel relaxed and empowered. I also love her books. I just finished her final one of Girl Online. It was a really great book that showed that you can deal with any problems in your life and that it doesn’t define you!}

7. This blog {I started this blog in June. It had been something that I love doing. I am always trying to find ways to improve it and make it more me. This gives me an opportunity to kind of live out my Pinterest dreams. I think that watching my blog grow and me documenting me as I change is really special to look back upon.}

8. Family{ my family is always a favorite. This year I feel like I saw more of my family than I have in the past years. I saw the majority of my cousins who I haven’t seen in a while. I also got to see many of my aunts and uncles. Something else that was cool was that I got to bond with my parents more so our relationship is stronger!}

9. Environmental science{I am taking an environmental science class this year. As I said when talking about Patagonia, I have always been interested in the environment. It has really opened my eyes to many problems in the world and made me more appreciative. I have been trying to implement some changes into my life to have less impact on the environment}

10. Harry Potter {last but not least was Harry Potter. I started reading the book series in the fall. I have read through the third one. So far the third one is my favorite one, the one picture. I love how captivating it is. It is always such a thriller and I love every part of reading it. I never want to put the book down and have ended up staying up later than I would like reading the books!}

I hope y’all enjoyed my favorites. If you have any comment down below! 
Have a great day. 

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