The Meaning of Winter, after Holidays

It seems as though winter is something that is so coveted during the holiday season but afterwards it becomes something that people hate. I think that when people say they love winter they mean they love Christmas or the holiday season. I’m here to tell you that there is more to love. Instead of moping after the entire holiday season is over, we should continue to celebrate winter. We need to stop wishing for spring to hurry up. There is something so magical about the breath you see in the air when it’s cold out, the sunsets that have cool colors with a warm sun, and the way that you bundle up but still get the natural rosy cheeks and nose. 
Winter is something that should be appreciated. It is my second favorite season. I love the fashion and I love the entire feeling of it. I love stepping outside at night to call my dog in. It is freezing but it feels refreshing. I look up and I see the stars and it feels very special. The moon and stars sparkle giving a warm, cozy feeling on a freezing night. I love watching the sun go down. It may go down earlier during the winter, but that is okay. The clouds and sky have colors like grey and pale blue. The sun strikes through making the sunset so beautiful and calming. They are some of my favorite. I am able to see the sun streaming through the leafless trees making the trees look like beautiful silhouettes. 
Instead of feeling sad, we should feel joy. Winter is the time for replenishing. The plants lost their old selves. They are changing and growing. Winter should be looked as the growing period. Spring will come soon enough. It always does. But while we wait on the bright and cheerfulness of spring, we need to focus on growing ourselves so we can bloom again. 
I hope y’all have a great day and winter. 

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