2017 Inspiration Board

Hey y’all. I decided to do an inspiration board. I have never done one before so I thought it would be fun.  I have included my fashion style, colors, and quotes that I really want to capture this year.

 First up is the pale pink peplum shirt. I really like this a lot. I want to start wearing more blush pink. I feel like that is the more sophisticated form of my favorite color. Next is green on green. I have recently fallen in love with two greens specifically. First is hunter green and the second is olive green. I want to venture out and wear more of those colors and maybe get inspired by those two colors this year. I chose the picture of the trees because I do want to go on adventures. I took this while hiking so it will always remind me to go on adventures no matter if it’s a ten minute drive or a two hour drive. 

Starting on the second row, I chose a makeup palate. I recently received this one and love it. I want 2017 to be the year that I really experiment with makeup. I love putting on makeup and just having fun. A side note about makeup is that it’s supposed to be fun. No one needs make up and you should never feel like you need it to look good. I then put another peplum top. This year will be my year for peplum. Not only did I chose this top for its peplum, I chose it for its color. I have never really been a fan of wearing black clothing. I felt like it looked more mature and adultish. I think that if you do black right, it can be fun and polished. Navy blue is what I have always loved but sometimes I just like a small change. Finally in this row, I chose a face mask. I do really care about my skincare. Sometimes I get lazy and won’t moisturize or take care of my skin. I want try and stop being lazy. The skin is my base for everything and I want to make sure it is very healthy. 

Nearing the end with the final row, I chose two quotes and some color inspiration. The two quotes are really empowering. The first one is to remind me to appreciate things. The second on is to help me know that I am capable and that if I work hard, I will succeed. One last thing and we are done! I chose this collage that I made. I love the colors. Pink and pumpkin orange are my two favorite colors. I don’t really use them in my everyday life together so I really want to. I feel like they are really bright and fun but also have that autumnal and winter feel that will last all year. 
Have a great day y’all. 

Pink peplumBlack peplumSeeing beauty quote#girl boss quote,  Origins MaskToo Faced Eyeshadow palate

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