Everyday Makeup


Hey y’all. Over the years, I have used more and more makeup. This past year was the year that I experimented the most with it. I got more products rather than the basic ones. I started off just using mascara. It then built to mascara, concealer and powder. I am almost wearing a full face of makeup on the regular basis now. I like to still keep my skin fresh and not use as much product on it. I find that if I really over do it on concealer, I will break out. I try to keep it to powder most days {to control the oil} and some concealer and powder the other days when I want it. My eye shadow mixes up between the days but I showed you a typical eye look. I also showed some other combinations that I like to wear too. I included more pictures than explanations for the reason that I think the pictures are easier to follow. If you have any questions comment down below. 


I am applying Silk Teddy all over the lid

I am placing erotica on the outer corner and then am blending through the crease.

{Eyeshadow}{powder brush}{Blending Brush}{stay matte powder}{Blush}{Shading Brush}{Mascara}{concealer}{lip gloss}{PJS}

 I hope y’all have a great day. 

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