Women’s Equality

This past weekend the Women’s march occurred. While I didn’t participate in it, I know a few who did. This march was very inspiring for all women. Especially if you as a women didn’t participate in it, we should all be proud of those who did. I am especially proud. I have so far been fortunate to have not felt truly discriminated against. This therefore means even more to me then. 

 I think this march stood for so many things. Not only did it show that women are strong, but it showed that we have a voice and will continue to fight. Even though Trump is president and has treated women terribly, we will stand together and be strong against his beliefs. I fully believe that women are just as powerful as men. We can do whatever we set our minds too, we are #girlbosses. I did just want to say, I am thankful to the men who marched too. It shows that they believe in women and that they believe in our equality. They showed that not all men are the same. Even if this march was for the women, it is also for anyone else who deserves equality. 

I am aspiring to have a very successful job in a men filled career. I don’t want to have to worry about unequal pay or unequal treatment. I will standup for my rights and I hope all other women do to. We do not have to listen to men because we make our own decisions. Our decisions are just as valid as anyone else’s. 

If you get anything from this post, you should be thankful for everyone who does fight for women’s equality and you should want to help fight too. 

Have a great day. Continue to fight. 

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