Morning Routine

Hey y’all! I hope your week has been off to a good start. Today I am sharing my morning routine. I love watching them on YouTube and reading them on blogs. I am really nosy when it comes to other people’s life so they are a perfect little insight. Today I am sharing what I do on an early school morning. 
First thing to start off every morning is to wake up. I always wake up early no matter what day of the week it is. I am very sleep schedule oriented. Once I turn off my alarm, I will usually check my phone. This consists of Snapchat, Instagram, and twitter. About a half hour later, I will go get breakfast. My breakfast always varies. Today I had nann with peanut butter and some blueberries. After breakfast, I will brush my teeth, brush my hair, and put on my everyday makeup. I will then put on my outfit. This is always picked out. At the beginning of the week I will set out five outfits and chose each day based on my mood. I usually go with a simple outfit that takes no effort but looks put together. Today’s outfit was really casual. I had an exam that day and didn’t want to dress up at all! If you can’t tell already, I am very schedule oriented. My final steps in my routine are backing my bag, putting on my shoes, and saying goodbye to my parents. 
Stand strong and together,

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