Galentine’s Outfit

Happy February. To kick off my first post in February, I wanted to do my Galentine’s Day look. As I am currently single as a Pringle and will not be doing anything special for Valentine’s Day besides going to school, I think it is still fun to dress up. I especially love it because it’s an excuse to wear pink {my fave color!}. I chose to do a simple neutral look and have the shoes and earrings do the talking. Even if you don’t want to wear white in the winter, {break the rules though because as far as I am concerned, there are none} you can still wear something neutral. If you and your friends are going out or if you have a date, wear jeans or a simple color dress. I think it is so fun for the accessories to speak rather than the clothes. It gives and unexpected statement. My final note is my hair. I don’t mean to blow my own horn, but I am obsessed. I saw Zoe Sugg wearing a similar hairstyle and fell in love. I love having my hair pulled back but when I pulled it back that far originally, it didn’t look as good. I think the problem was the lack of volume which the curls fixed. It was more time consuming {I like my low maintenance hair} but totally worth it! 
Stand strong and together, 

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