Sleep Routine

                             ^ Alarm Clock

Hey y’all. Today I am talking about sleeping. I know this may put y’all to sleep {pun very much so intended} but it’s been on my mind lately. To give you some background, I have always been an early bird. I love getting up early. Over the years, I have been getting up earlier and earlier. I have finally found a great sleep routine and like sticking to it. Sometimes I sleep in {by like 30 minutes} or sometimes Ill go to bed later but all in all I stick to it. 

I usually am in bed by 9:30 at the latest. I will then go to bed, have everything turned off at 10 and be drifting off into some magical dream. I then wake up at 6:10. I will always stay in bed for at least another 30 minutes. I love to have my time to slowly get up, look at my phone, read, or watch YouTube. Having a sleep routine makes your body really in tune. I get tired around the same time and start to wake up around the same time. 

Something to take note is that if I have a stressful or busy day, I will usually end up going to bed earlier or wake up later. I used to get mad at myself if I slept in. This is terrible. It is your bodies way of naturally healing. Instead of being mad, I need to realize that I need it and that it was good for me. Ruining your schedule once in a while isn’t bad as long as it doesn’t become a habit. Once it becomes a habit, you then need to readjust either your sleep or your activities during the day. 

Listed below are five reasons why I believe it is good to have a sleep routine: 

1. Your body becomes accustomed to fully performing at those times. 

2. You can live life to its fullest. This maybe all living more during the day or living more during the night. 

3. It is very healthy for you. It actually has been said to boost your metabolism and make you learn more. 

4. You can be more in tune with your body. If you know more about your body, it’s easier to fulfill its needs and wants. If you need more sleep, you will know. If you need to take a step back in life, you will be able to tell more easy. 

5. Finally it’s a schedule. If you love having a good schedule, you can always plan around your sleep time. You know when to get work done, when to have free entertainment time, and when to go socialize. 
Stand strong,

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