Army Green with a Pop of Black and White

Hey y’all. A couple of weeks ago, I post a pic with my army green jacket. I absolutely love it. Today I am sharing an outfit idea. I stole inspiration from Pinterest. I love how the black and white are a neutral but still pop out against the army green. When I wore this the day of taking the pictures, I told my mom this is comparative to cargo pants. It has so many pockets and utility like cargo pants but is way more fashionable. The pocket hold so much stuff. There are six in total and they are amazing. I am able to put my iPhone six in and still put even more stuff in one pocket. I truly believe that these jackets are more of a classic look rather than a trend. I did get this one on sale at Gap but there are many other places. Gap may even still have some. Some good places to look include Nordstrom, J Crew, Forever 21, and like I said Gap. 
Stay strong,

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