Valentine’s Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I hope what ever you do you have fun. I though today I would post an inspiration board for Valentine’s Day. It is the time to put on some cliche red lipstick and heels even if you are just going to the grocery store to buy some chocolate! 

If Valentine’s Day is hard because of a break up, or you don’t have a boyfriend, remember girl power. You don’t need someone to complete yourself. If you are sad, work on yourself today. Try to do something that makes you empowered or confident. Go eat some chocolate if you want to indulge or go workout if you want to make yourself proud of continuing your New Years resolutions. The best in between is to do both. Workout and then splurge. If all else fails, remember that you can go get all the chocolate you want tomorrow on massive discount. 

Stay strong,


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