Ruffling my Sleeves

Hey y’all. Recently I have absolutely been loving black clothes. I have never worn much black by over the last couple of months, I have collected multiple black shirts. I think that it is very mature and if you used color or make it look brighter, it can be really nice. I absolutely love this shirt. First off it is stripes and I have a big obsession with stripes. Second the sleeve is amazing. I love the ruffle for it adds a really fun preppy touch. I got it a J Crew for a major discount. I have been recently shopping there. If you go to their sale section, you can find some amazing pieces. Just a couple of weeks ago I got a shirt for $12.50. For the quality and being J Crew I think that is an amazing steal! Going back to this outfit, I did have a tough time pairing shoes. I’m done with riding boots for the season but wanted something neutral. While I’m not in love with pairing this outfit with my navy converse I still think it worked. I think a better option would be either flats or white converse. 
Stay strong,

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