Hiking OOTD featuring my Dog

Hey y’all. This past weekend I went on a hike with my family. I don’t necessarily love getting outdoors because I am very much so a home body. I love to be in my own little space. However going on a hike is really refreshing. I like the end result. I always seem to feel really accomplished and that I did something good for my body. I recently learned that you spend 80% of your life indoors on average. To me that seemed outrageous. When you actually think about it you do. The problem with that is that no matter how clean your house is kept, there are still particulates and gases that are leaked. They are leaked in small amounts but accumulate over time. It has become very important to go outside. I like incorporating walks into my life so that I can start to breathe fresher air. 
Side note is that there will not be a post this Thursday but rather Saturday. I am so busy with school that I just want to focus on my school work. If I were to post this Thursday it would not be good quality. Thanks for understanding. 
Stay strong,

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