Study 101

Hey y’all. After a long week of studying, I thought that I would give you some studying tips and how to study to each class. I have continually tried to adjust my studying activities to fit for each class. I have some basics that have worked for me through and through but some other types of studying that I still need to adjust. I feel like I have really upped my studying game. I used to study the night before and be fine. I would make a Quizlet that night and then study that or just read overt notes. As classes have gotten harder and time has become more scarce, I have had to adjust. Below are my tips and suggestions. 
1. Start preparing the weekend before. {I know that you will not always know about a test with a weekend in between but if so, start preparing. On the weekend have a game plan of how much you need to study, when you need to start studying, and prepare the materials in advance. This will help to relieve stress and ensure you are studying most effectively for yourself.}

2. Make quizlets {Quizlet is the best form to study on the go. With the app you can study anywhere. I love it because I can download the set on my phone at home and then turn off my cellular for the app. This means I waste no data. I can then study if I’m board or if I’m in a car doing nothing. If you know what the format will look like on the test, you can use the test feature and customize it to the test.}

3. Make a flowchart {okay so I don’t really know how to describe this so there is a picture of it up top. There is no right or wrong way to do this. I have done this a few times for homework assignments. I am about to begin doing this because I think it really tests your knowledge. I would recommend starting with a list of words that are key to mention. Put the main topic at the beginning of your paper and then start creating more sub topics explaining each as you go. This will see if you actually know what each term means and how everything works together.}

4. Go to the teacher {this year I have really started taking initiative and going to the teacher. If you make it a habit for a class you struggle in, the teacher is more than likely to give you an extra boost if needed. Going in for extra help shows that you are willing to put in the effort for what it takes. They may give you some inside tips for what the test will be like. Don’t limit yourself to just going in before a test, go in after you did poorly on a test. More than likely you will see the material again or need it for the next unit.}

5. Last but for sure not least is go to bed early. {this is so important to actually do. If you stay up late and then are tired the next day, you will not be able to focus and perform well. As it gets later, your body starts to slowly turn off due to tiredness. It is probable that you will not be able to retain the information in those later hours. It is better to be well rested and know a little less because you will for sure perform better on the stuff that you do know allowing it to even out!}
Have a great weekend y’all. I kind of liked having time on the weekend to fully write this post so who knows, there may be a change to Saturday’s and Wednesday’s! Let me know what y’all think of that. 
Stay strong,

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