Life Updates #1

Cute tennis shoes equals more motivation to workout.
Can’t wait for the weather to be a little warmer so it can go on repeat.
Truly does what it says.
My favorite combination is honey pot on the lid and chocolate martini in the crease. 
I do this mask every Sunday to cleanse my face for the week.
As soon as I see as spot, I put it on at night and it really takes away the redness.

Happy Saturday y’all! One of my first posts in the beginning of the year was an inspiration board. Now, three months in, I have started taking inspiration from it and have implemented some new things into my daily life.
First is my skin care. I have begun to be really serious about it. I love using the Mario Bedescue drying lotion. It works really well. It brings my pimples to the surface and then clears them up. I try not to use it every night because I don’t like always having something on my skin. The next part of skin care is my charcoal mask. It works really well for {tmi} getting the blackheads out. I notice that my pores look cleaner. I’m hoping that over time it will really cleanse my pores and maybe even reduce their size a little!
The next category is makeup. I have been loving this palette. It has many shades to either do a fun smoky eye or something very simple to just add definition. The shade silk teddy is a great highlight color for cheekbones and the nose. The other makeup product is this bb cream. I have heard many great things from the British YouTubers that I watch. Those great things are absolutely true. It really does help to keep my skin matte throughout the day. It also helps to even out my constantly rosy cheeks.
Clothing wise, I wanted to include some more peplum. While this doesn’t look like it has a peplum {it doesn’t really} it is a frock style so it flows out just like a peplum shirt. I love the eyelet details along with the small pop of light blue. I might try to pair it with gingham shorts but it may be a little too busy. We will see what fun ways to dress it up besides just navy blue shorts or jeans.
Finally, the last piece that I have implemented is being outside more. I am taking more walks in the afternoons. Not only does this get me more active but I am also breathing in the fresh air. I will usually do a mile walk and then do some ab and leg exercises so that I get cardio and strength all in one day. I may even start running a mile but even writing this just makes me frown at that thought.
Have a lovely weekend y’all! May it be filled with whatever activities are your favorite.
Stay strong,


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