Top 8 People to Follow on Pinterest

Hey y’all. Happy halfway-to-the-weekend-day! Today I thought I would share my top 8 favorite Pinterest accounts. If you want to know my top Instagram accounts also, they are pretty much the same minus a few. If you have been reading my blog since the beginning, you will know that I am absolutely obsessed that me continuing to say it must be really annoying! Regardless, I can’t help myself and wanted to post about Pinterest some more. 
1. Moon and Lola [if you like all things pink, you will find your happy home on Pinterest. They post so much pink, it is swoon! They also post some great posts which I also love!]

2. Sarah Vickers [in general, her style is so cute. It is preppy and includes many things New England so I enjoy seeing all of her pins. She posts many outfit pictures and home pictures.]

3. Julia Engel [love her blog, Instagram, and Pinterest of course. She recently just moved to Charleston so I love those pictures as I love Charleston. She also goes on many adventures which she posts many photos of.]

4. College Prepster [not only does Carly post her own blog pictures, she also posts tons of inspiration for the home and other outfit ideas. Her style is preppy and New England and is very similar to Sarah Vickers but just a little different.]

5. Merideth Mabe [I have been following her since the beginning of my Pinterest days. Her entire Pinterest is full of great inspiration. She posts many interior design photos along with anything else you can imagine.]

6. J Crew [this is just like getting a J Crew catalog daily. They have recently been posting the cutest bag. I looks like the Gucci disco bag but for way less. I love the style because I feel like it is timeless and depending on the color would be a fun pop of color to an outfit.]

7. Prep in Your Step [such a cute Pinterest. The board names are so fun. She posts anything and everything that is bright and colorful. It’s really fun to look at and I usually end up pinning almost all of her pins because they are that good!]

8. Evelyn Henson[not only does Evelyn post her art work, she also posts other things. Think of Moon and Lola {full of pink} mixed with Prep in Your Step {filled with color} and you get a very fun account]

Stay Strong,


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