What Feminism Means to Me

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday! Like I promised, I will be sharing my opinions of feminism. I am a full supporter of feminism but feminism takes on many different meanings for people. To me feminism means equality. Equality means everyone is compared to each other based on there personality. It’s not about what someone looks like, how they dress, or what gender they are. The inequality occurs more with work like scenarios. If there are two potential employees and one is male and the other is female, why does it seem like the female has to work harder and do more things to get the job? On the other hand, if we were to compare male to male, the stronger more alpha male would most likely get the job. It should be just based off of skills and their work ethics.  I am a feminist working wanting more women to be empowered. I am also someone who looks at equality as being more important. I think that we need to currently get women equality in the workforce and in social settings. I also think that we need to give equality for men. It may seem like men have all the rights and that they are treated just fine. On the contrary, there are men that are put down. Just like women are supposed to look like a trophy wife and be emotional, men are supposed to be strong and hold no emotions. If a man cries, it is usually seen as being weak. One comparison is Nick vial on the bachelor. He cried a ton. Maybe he could have not cried as much, for it became expected, but who are we to tease him for showing an emotion that everyone has. Women and men should be able to show the same emotional level. Everyone can be caring and sad because we all have that right. While men are supposed to look strong, women are supposed to be weak. Why do we have to be weak? I see it over and over that the boys in my classes are asked to go do the heavy lifting. They get asked to carry heavy materials and such while the girls are turned down. A girl can be equally a strong as a man. It goes person to person. Maybe women are naturally built with smaller frames and not a strong muscles but with working out [or not even working out], you can have strength. Why is it deemed that being stronger than a guy is masculine. Why isn’t is just appreciated that a girl is really strong? 
So what does this big ramble of feminism and equality mean? It means that we need to stop stereotyping. Anyone can be anything and have any qualities that they chose to have. One should not be judge based on there strength or emotions. We should be accepting and understanding of any person. There should be no barriers to break down but yet we have to. We will break down all the barriers so that one day every human will be looked at based off of there personality. People will choose who they like based off of that alone and nothing else will matter. 
Stay strong,

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