National Puppy Day

Hey y’all there was no blog post yesterday but that is okay. I have been really wanting to do a post about my dog who I love very much and it is national puppy day! While he is not actually a puppy, he will always be one in my heart! I am sharing my top 5 reasons why I love my dog, Jake! It is hard to narrow it down because Jake is very lovable but I did! 1. He doesn’t respond or talk so I can talk to him all I want. I have a lot of trust in him because I know that he won’t say a word! 

2. He is understanding. While he doesn’t like always being hugged and held, he will always let you when you are down! He’s great comfort. 

3. His ears are the softest! I have a thing for dog ears. If I see a dog that either has big ears or soft ears, I’m smitten. I think they give tons of expressions and make him look so cute! 

4. He’s scheduled like me. He always knows that around the same time, it is great time. I love someone who follows a good schedule and that he does! 

5. Finally last but not least, he is smart. While he has his stupid moments and there are a lot, he knows how to get what he wants. He pushes and pushes until we give in. He also knows how to push the limits with things that he doesn’t want to do and to me, that is being smart! 

I hope you enjoyed this kind of funny post! Can’t wait for Saturday’s post which I think will be an outfit post! 
Stay strong,

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