Why I Pick my Outfits out a Week Before

Hey y’all. As you know from some previous posts, I like to be extremely organized. Something that falls online with my organization is me picking out my clothes for the week on Sunday night. When I tell my friends, they are shocked and ask why the heck I do it. I am here to tell you that it is very satisfying knowing what you are wearing this week and my reasoning and tips behind it. 
To start off, y’all need to know where I am coming from. I do wake up very early but I don’t necessarily like to think about what I am wearing. When I pick out all of my outfits, I have a limited number, I can chose one, and I know it will look good. I think this adds one less stress. I don’t really have to think about what I am wearing the next day out of all my clothes. I can really just pick and grab. I also think it is easy because when I pick my outfits, there is usually one for each type of weather condition. One thing to note is that I usually don’t stray too far from my options but I do sometimes decide not to wear an outfit. 
There is a method to my madness. My clothes are always put away Sunday night. I pick my outfits before I put away my clothes and try not to dig through my clean clothes pile. This helps to ensure that I am rotating my pieces and wearing them equal amounts. Something else I do is pick the amount of casual and more dressed up outfits. I like the 3:2 rule. 3 more dressy, look like your tried outfits and 2 casual usually t-shirt outfits. I will usually at least know what I am wearing Friday. More than likely, that day is my favorite outfit of the week or something more dramatic. I will also switch meaning that I won’t wear casual two days in a row. If I have more dressy outfits than 3, more power to me. I will then think of weather conditions. This means do I want to roll my jeans and wear sandals/converse or do I want to not roll my jeans and wear boots of some sort. Any type of boot usually means cold or rainy weather. I also like the have at least one outfit that looks good with my jacket. That way if it is cold, I don’t have to switch up my outfit plans. 
I hope that was helpful and not too much of a ramble. I know that there was no blog post last Saturday and I apologize. I am going to be on spring break next week so hopefully I can get caught up on my blog posts then! I am also getting in a rut for ideas. I have some but want to wait or I just can’t post yet so let me know what are some ideas y’all want to see! 
Stay strong,

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