Orange Stripes

Hey y’all. I love this outfit. It is so simple yet bold. I think it is perfect for a spring day since it is long sleeves. I love this orange creamsicle color. It is so cute to pair with a plain white blouse or a navy blue top. I love this belt. It makes an outfit look more out together and classic. 
Some updates include that I am finally in spring break! I still have tons to do though. I kicked it off with a short trip with a friend. I then had volunteering on Monday. On Tuesday I hung out with my mom. I have also been very busy with homework. I am trying to do it little by little so that I don’t have too much the day I go back to school. Also, I got the Mario Bedescue aloe Vera toner and love it. I feel like it helps to smooth my skin and give some hydration. Last update is that I cleaned my makeup brushes. This may be something weird to mention but I haven’t cleaned them yet. I used oil to break down the makeup and then used dish soap to break down the rest of the makeup and oil. It worked really well and I am happy. I think next time I will stick to just the dish soap. The oil likes to stick and you really have to scrub. I really do think it is important to clean brushes just for good hygiene. You also get better color from doing it. 
Stay strong,

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