Big Life Update

Had to try. Verdict was not great but not bad
Last blog post🤦🏽‍♀️but I absolutely love the outfit
Volunteering with the dogs! 🎉
Had to stop and snap the flowers! Love going on walks and seeing all the fresh blooms.

Hey y’all. Like I said in my last Instagram post, long time no post. I can’t even really remember my last good post. I do remember posting the outfit post which I absolutely loved. When I posted that, I was on my spring break. I went on college tours which was an amazing experience but such a whirl wind! I then came home, had to work on my final essays for English and am now preparing for all of my final exams. As the year is wrapping up, I am keeping busy with studying and preparing for summer. This summer I will have a job and unpaid internship. I am also planning to continue my volunteering. I currently volunteer at a local animal shelter and enjoy it so much! Last weekend I went to the march for science. It was such a neat experience seeing everyone sharing their passion. The signs were absolutely hilarious and inspiring! 
After that jumbled update about my life, let’s talk about future blog posts. I am of course going to do outfit posts. I think I had a great system going but then just lost it. I will for sure make a more conscious effort to have more. I then want to do some more posts that really relate to my life. These include music posts [i listen to it every moment I’m at home so I for sure have a current list of songs I’m into], ways to volunteer/get involved [i have some great ideas sand listed one above!], different birthday ideas [ranges from gifts to party suggestions], things to do this summer, maybe some geeking out over the environment, and so much more! 
On the final note, I think I am going to start using Instagram stories. I think this will be a fun platform. I see so many bloggers use it in creative ways that I want to try it. It will be short in the moment posts that will just add another element to this blogging experience! Let me know what your most looking forward to in the comments. 
Have an amazing day!


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