Greys Pink

Hey y’all. I hope your week has been going well. I started off Monday with my ap environmental day and then went home after that. It really just felt like an extended weekend so I felt off when I went back to school Tuesday. Do not get me wrong, I 100% enjoyed that break but I just keep think wow, I missed so much! As for the rest of the week, nothing too interesting will be happening. 
Onto the outfit! I absolutely love this top. I got it at a boutique last summer when I was on vacation. I think it is so pretty. The small flowers [I don’t think y’all can tell that well] are so dainty and add interest to it. Also, I might add it is flattering and looks like I tried while doing nothing. I chose to pair this outfit with pink converse. You truly could go multiple ways. Act like the shirt is a white tee and your shoe list is endless. I think pairing the outfit with sandals would make it more springish/summery. I also love to wear this with my Boyfriend Jeans for a more casual and relaxed look. 
I hope yalls week is goes great. To all that are taking ap exams or any exams for that matter of fact, good luck and don’t worry about the end result. All will be fine in the end. It should be more of a learning experience and you can only improve from there. Side note, while I am saying this, I don’t always practice this but I’m working on it. 
Have a great day y’all! 


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