Happy Mothers Day 

Hey y’all! Since Mother’s Day is approaching [tomorrow!], I thought I would do a mothers appreciation post. My mom is such a big part of my life. She started out working at my elementary school, then she didn’t work but stayed at home. She made sure during that time to always have everything great for my sister and I. She now currently works again but still makes sure that everything is provided. She will cook the main part of our dinner before hand so it is easy. All of these little things that she does, and doesn’t have to do, all add up to her being such a great mom! In today’s post, I’m listing five of the best things about my mom. 
1. She will listen to me even when I’m just spewing nonsense. I think I’m a pretty annoying child. I constantly ask, “isn’t Jake so cute. Do you think he’s cute?” This is like an everyday occurrence. I ask her if it’s annoying and she always says that she doesn’t care. That shows some great patience! 

2. She is very helpful. In the evenings when she just wants to relax, she will help me if I ask. I sometimes ask for help the last minute and she will stop what she is doing and help. I love that she always makes time. 

3. She just gets it. Going from a girl to girl, sometimes there are just things that we understand better. She is able to care more about some of my materialistic interests [clothes, homes, etc] than my dad. He likes to make jokes whereas my mom will carry on a true conversation. No shade or hurt feelings Dad! Some of these things I just like to talk about seriously and it’s a great bonding experience for my mom and I! 

4. This one is a little more ridiculous but she makes me feel loved by my dog. This is very important however ridiculous it sounds. My dog, Jake, attaches himself to my mom. I am so invested in him though that I’m like way to show favoritism Jake! She always makes sure that he is shared and I can get all his love! 

5. Last but not least she is very accepting. I know that whatever my goals and dreams are in life, she will be right by my side. She will encourage and guide me to achieve those goals. She accepts the goals and figures out a way to get me there. 
So that is it. All of the reasons why I love my mom! I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day and truly celebrates their moms. 
Have a great day y’all! 


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