Missed Instagram Posts

Hey y’all! I was trying to think of a post today in place of an outfit post that I did not take. I came up wit pictures I didn’t post on Instagram. There isn’t a particular reason. It’s mainly that I just that I never got around to it. Today I’m sharing a few pictures, most being ootds, that I wanted to share. Hopefully this weekend I will get cute outfit pictures! There is a Greek festival going on so I will be wearing at least something cute! It’s so crazy but this is my second to last week of regular school. The following week will be regular and then I go into exams! This second half has gone by so fast. If y’all are still in school and wrapping up, keep going. We are almost there in hindsight and summer is coming. Even if you have a busy summer like me, it will still be great for relaxation. While I write that, I’m using it as a reminder for me. I get so stressed looking at the big picture but if I break it down, I have so many hours in the day to get everything done. While I accomplish my work, I will still have time for fun and relaxing! 
Have a great day! 


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