Summer for Me

Hey y’all. So this is awkward. I have not posted on here for so long as well as on Instagram. I took off a week, it turned into two, I was confused on how to come back strong, so it turned into longer. I decided to wait until I could come back strong and be more consistent. Today’s post will be full of updates including what I will be up to this summer, what I want it to look like [vision board], and what the scheduled blog posts will be.


This summer is going to be crazy. I am life guarding as my summer job. It has been great so far not too many complaints on my end. I also have a job shadow that I have to do for my a distinction when I graduate. It has been amazing and so fascinating. I am excited for it to continue. I volunteered at a local animal shelter during the school year and will continue this summer. This is a great activity because it is weekly and I get to see one of my friends. Finally I will be kept busy with all of my AP summer work. It is crazy how much I have. I have a lot of reading to do but it should not be too much of a problem. Besides these requirements, I also want to go to the pool for relaxation, see my friends a lot, and truly relax before crazy starts up again. I feel like I finally feel content, I don’t have anything that I have to accomplish under a tight timeline. I know that towards the end of the summer, it will pick up again and my life will be absolutely crazy.


My vision board is very similar to my 2017 Inspiration Board. It is broken down a little more and is more concentrated. I am very excited. Some of this includes more clothing inspiration. I am very lazy so on my off days will not always put the effort into my outfit or look. I really want to so that I get use of my clothes. It also makes you feel a little more productive. This inspiration board also has things that I want to experience.

[Ice cream sandwhichQuote 1,  Quote 2, OOTD 1, OOTD 2,Nail polish,Recipe]


As for upcoming posts I have June and July planned out. I am very excited to be sharing a Father’s day post, part ideas [summer and birthday], reflection of blogging, recipes, and my exercise routine. There will of course be many OOTD’s sprinkled in. In addition to these upcoming posts, there may be some repeats with updated information. I can’t wait to get back to the blog and hopefully share much more.


Have a great day!




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