Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day! Like for Mother’s Day I will be doing the same post. I always feel like there is a lot of celebration for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day seems to be forgotten. Looking at Instagram, there are way more posts on Mother’s Day than Father’s Day. I think it should all be equal because there are multiple different roles that each play. So here it goes:

  1. We have intellectual conversations. [over dinner my dad and I will discuss multiple different things. These things aren’t just on the surface of what we did that day.]
  2. He is very encouraging. [my dad constantly pushes me to strive to do well and to go for my dreams]
  3. While there are many that cross over from my mom and dad, this one is especially true. My dad is very helpful. [he is always willing to help me. That is his number one goal it seems like. He tries to help me with homework and to achieve my dreams.]
  4. He is more straightforward. [sometimes he just tells me how it is. While I hate this in the moment, it is very helpful in the long run.]
  5. And I couldn’t resist, he loves my dog. [it has been going on for so long that he just likes my dog and that he isn’t the best dog. Well recently, he has said that he loves my dog and they bond together.]

Have a great day,


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