Planning a Party 

[Flamingos] [Pineapple] [Invitation] [Activity]

Hey y’all! During the summer, the weather is nice and there seems to be more activities. Parties seem to occur more. I love having a party with my friends and think that I have some great tips for how to plan the perfect party! 

1. Pick the theme [There are multiple ways to go with this. If it’s a summer party pick something more summery. Take inspiration from pineapples and go more tropical. If it’s a birthday party, you can do the same thing. Chose a favorite of the birthday person. For example, last year I chose flamingos. This popped up in my invitations and my favors. The theme can be as present as you want it.]

2. Chose a main activity [The best parties always have something to do. This can range from going somewhere, making something, or games. If you go somewhere, you could go to a tourist attraction, do a scavenger hunt in your town, to a sporting event, or a bakery/coffee shop. If you made something you could bake and decorate, make jewelry, paint, or anything else that is crafty. Finally, you don’t have to have a big activity your party is centered around. Simply having games or small activities for conversation starters and more fun is great. These games could also take up the entire party. It could be a game show type thing or you could do different challenges off of YouTube.]

3. Food [if you are hosting a party, there has to be food and drinks to keep the energy up. Depending on party times, you can either do more hors d’oeuvres or a full on meal. The food could help to continue your theme or it could be your main activity. You could grill and have a BBQ if it is a summer party. You could instead make the meal as a group to have fun and experiment. I would for sure always have snacks. I like to get a few items like a chip, fruit, and candy. This way there is a variety.]

4. Set the time [time is important. Do you want a day time party or night time party. This changes the mood and what you can do. If it’s night time, make sure to leave plenty of time for the partying because some people, like me, are early birds who still like to enjoy the fun. Also think of the day of the week. Since school is out, a midweek party is great because people are not doing anything and it’s a great way for the week to be broken up. If you are not in school and working, check people’s schedule and also think about if they want to rest on Friday or party on Friday.]

Those are my tips. I have used them in the last and they have worked out great. One of my favorite parties was the Christmas party I had last year. It was obviously Christmas themed so it was not hard to convey at all since my house was already decorated. The main activity was decorating sugar cookies. For food we ordered pizza but had popcorn and candy out [no fruit since it was winter and a time to really indulge!]. I had the party at night and it was a sleepover. It was great because in the end we got to cozy in and watch a movie. 
I hope this was helpful and you have some great parties in the future! 

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