Trip Summary #1

Hey y’all! For the Fourth of July my family went to Charleston. This is an annual trip for us and one we always look forward too. This year we tried new restaurants and went on new adventures. In this post I will run through everything! In my next post, I will be showing my outfit that I wore for our last night but y’all will get a sneak peak here. 


We arrived in Charleston early afternoon and went straight to the beach. We went to Isle of Palm which we usually go to on our first day. After a few hours on the beach [I mostly read], we left for our hotel. We stayed right behind kings street which is always fun and convenient. We got ready for dinner and we’re off. We went into a few shops and then made our way to The Darling Oyster. Last year we wanted to go but didn’t have reservations. We made some this year to ensure our spot. I have to say this is one of my favorite places we have tried in Charleston and we have tried many! I got the lobster roll which was my first ever. I obviously don’t have much to compare to but it was amazing. I still dream about it. After dinner we walked around some more and then went to market street sweets. We got prailines and I had a few too many. 


We woke up this morning and went to Kiswah Beach. This is our favorite beach. I did more reading which was nice and relaxing. We also got pelted by rain which was an experience but nonetheless the day was great. We packed up in the afternoon to head back to our hotel and get ready for dinner. Once ready we head to the bay. We ate at the Drawing Room which was pretty good. We then walked around and headed back to king street. We walked around some more and then ended up back at market street sweets. 


This was our last day. We hit some of the 4th of July sales. I scored some shirts for this upcoming school year which was really good! We went into SkinnyDip Charleston and I was so in love. I thought it was so cute! We didn’t stay too long until we were off for home. 
I hope you enjoyed my summary of Charleston. We have one more trip that I will for sure document!
Have a great day!


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