Summer for Me

Long time, no post. I am updating you on all of my summer and blog plans. … More Summer for Me


Happy Mothers Day 

Hey y’all! Since Mother’s Day is approaching [tomorrow!], I thought I would do a mothers appreciation post. My mom is such a big part of my life. She started out working at my elementary school, then she didn’t work but stayed at home. She made sure during that time to always have everything great for … More Happy Mothers Day 

Big Life Update

Hey y’all. Like I said in my last Instagram post, long time no post. I can’t even really remember my last good post. I do remember posting the outfit post which I absolutely loved. When I posted that, I was on my spring break. I went on college tours which was an amazing experience but … More Big Life Update

Orange Stripes

Hey y’all. I love this outfit. It is so simple yet bold. I think it is perfect for a spring day since it is long sleeves. I love this orange creamsicle color. It is so cute to pair with a plain white blouse or a navy blue top. I love this belt. It makes an … More Orange Stripes