Senior Pics

Hey guys! I have been busy with college apps, school work and so much more, but I have been enjoying myself so much this year. I had some motivation issues in the beginning but I’m overcoming it. I would do a post but all I have been doing is been putting a little more pressure … More Senior Pics

Trip Summary #1

Hey y’all! For the Fourth of July my family went to Charleston. This is an annual trip for us and one we always look forward too. This year we tried new restaurants and went on new adventures. In this post I will run through everything! In my next post, I will be showing my outfit … More Trip Summary #1

Orange Stripes

Hey y’all. I love this outfit. It is so simple yet bold. I think it is perfect for a spring day since it is long sleeves. I love this orange creamsicle color. It is so cute to pair with a plain white blouse or a navy blue top. I love this belt. It makes an … More Orange Stripes